New Integration: Arrakis Finance

dHEDGE is excited to announce a new integration with Arrakis Finance


dHEDGE is excited to announce a new integration with Arrakis Finance.

Arrakis Finance, a spin-off protocol from Gelato Network, is a managed liquidity service that automates Uniswap v3 positions. Arrakis was previously known as G-Uni, and is currently live on Polygon.

Integrating Arrakis with dHEDGE provides managers with the convenience of automated managed liquidity services, in the case where a manager doesn’t want to manually control the liquidity ranges  on Uniswap directly.

A core benefit for dHEDGE managers is direct access to Polygon’s new $15m Uniswap v3 incentive program, where “The first phase of the incentive program will allocate $3 million from the recently unveiled tokenized LP deposits from Arrakis Finance”

An additional benefit for dHEDGE and Toros Finance investors is the ability for the Stablecoin Yield dynamic vault to benefit from the additional MATIC incentives. At time of publishing, Stablecoin Yield is currently LPing into the Arrakis incentivised USDC-USDT pool, boosted by MATIC rewards.

Stablecoin Yield Dynamic Vault currently 100% in the Arrakis USDC-USDT incentivised pool

Arrakis core contributor kassandra.eth adds:

“Arrakis Vaults bring more composability to Uniswap V3 Liquidity so that it may be utilized as a money lego across the DeFi landscape. We’re excited to partner with dHedge to offer more ways to gain exposure to Arrakis’ ecosystem of LP Positions and liquidity mining incentives”


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