dHEDGE Launches Its First Incubated Protocol Toros, Bringing Asset-Managers Like Capabilities To The Wider Polygon community
dHEDGE launches its first incubated protocol Toros, bringing asset-manager like capabilities to the wider Polygon community. AlexaBlockchain
April, 2022
dHEDGE integrates Uniswap v3, boosting capital efficiency for asset managers - Morning Tick
dHEDGE, the multi-chain digital asset management platform pairing investors with savvy asset managers has integrated Uniswap into its ecosystem of trading
March, 2022
Apollo’s Moonshots: Arbitrum isn’t L2 winner yet, as dHEDGE joins Synthetix ecosystem on Optimism - Stockhead
Arbitrum has taken an early lead over Optimism and its competitors in the race to be the dominant layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum.
December, 2021
Apollo’s Moonshots: dHEDGE is democratising access to hedge funds - Stockhead
Cryptocurrency and decentralised finance are democratising access to hedge funds, which many countries restrict in the name of “consumer protection”.
August, 2021
dHEDGE Launches V2 Deployment on Polygon and Integrates With SushiSwap
dHEDGE, announced it launched its V2 deployment on Polygon and integrates with SushiSwap. Read more on this article
August, 2021
dHEDGE launches tokenized index tracking its top 10-ranked traders
dHEDGE’s new dTOP pool will distribute a 10% performance fee to the platform’s top 10-ranked fund managers.
April, 2021